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Post #1 in the Meta:Programming series.

I’m hoping to write a blog series for my younger self. He is someone who used to look at a service and say - “I could build that over a weekend”. This is also someone who would look at a company with a small product, which rarely gets any new features, and wonder why that product needs 10 developers working fulltime on it.

I don’t plan on writing about the philosophical aspects of those questions. Maybe the weekend hack would come out better. Maybe that company is bad at resource utilization. Maybe capitalism is the root of all evil. I am taking the current state and processes at face value, and try to commentate on how and why this usually comes to be.

I hope that these posts don’t require a lot of technical knowledge, and are easily readable by beginners, or maybe non-technical folk.

  1. Decision making while writing software

Do keep in mind that these articles are restricted by my experience and perspective. If you feel that I might be wrong somewhere or am missing something important, feel free to suggest updates. The good thing about writing on the internet is that I can always update my old content.

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Mar 07, 2020

Every once in a while, I get into this productivity slump where I don’t write code for weeks, and it gets hard to get back into the rhythm of working again. For me, the easiest way out of it is to redesign this website. It’s low-effort (relatively), gets some creative juices flowing and has little risk of not panning out ultimately.

And I guess it kinda worked. I spent two whole days on the redesign, and am pretty pleased with the results. Documenting the major decisions I took this time around in this post.

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