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Nov 2018
Gokarna, Karnataka, India

Hackbeach revisited the previous venue too in 2018. The water was way calmer, and almost every attendee learned to swim at least to a basic level in the ocean.

Nov 2017
Gokarna, Karnataka, India

Hackbeach 2017 happened right at the main beach in Gokarna.

Hillhacks, as defined by the website:

hillhacks is held in the lap of the stunning Dhauladhar Himalayas every summer.

People from different places, walks of life and lines of thought come together to share, collaborate and learn.

Hackers talk code. Artists share their creativity. Students join in from schools and colleges to learn new skills. Locals and globals mix and mingle. We build things like tables, hula hoops, interactive art installations, and solar lanterns. We connect. We dance and sing. Ideas emerge. Collaborations form. Lives change.

In the hacking, we get hacked ourselves.

Hackbeach is the sister event of hillhacks, held in the winters, on one of India’s coast.

What we don’t have:

  • Sponsors
  • Organizers
  • Welcome packages
  • Huge well-lit stage
  • Chairs around the said stage
  • Air conditioning
  • Booths and banners
  • T-Shirt and stickers table
  • Catered lunch
  • Coffee machine

What we have:

  • Space to camp
  • Beautiful views
  • A long unconference
  • 2-4 day of main conference
  • Setup and teardown of the said conference
  • Talks and flash talks
  • Opportunities to learn new skills
  • Hackers

What we might also have:

  • Accountants, Anthropologist, Farmers, Activists, Geologists…
  • School programs to teach young kids about science and technology
  • Cooking
  • Slacklining
  • Hoola hoop lessons
  • Board/card games
  • Quiz nights
  • Hiking in the hills
  • All day swimming lessons
  • Paragliding
  • Sleeping on the sandy beaches
  • Cartons of all you can grab stickers
  • Open discusssions across a variety of subjects
  • Demostration of cool projects

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